About Us

The Citadel, located on Dover's Western Heights was constructed in the late 1700's as a port of defence during the Napoleonic war and has since been used for a variety of purposes.

Most recently it has been used as a borstal, prison and immigration detention centre up until its closure in 2015. Prior to that it was used as a barracks during both world wars. Given its rich history, this location features architecture from a wide range of time periods and a huge contrast between a modern prison and a forgotten wartime barracks.

What we provide
Locations within The Citadel include over 50 buildings:
  • Prison wings / prison cells
  • Guard room
  • Disused Gymnasium
  • Disused canteen
  • Disused astroturf football / basketball cage
  • WWII bunkers
  • Disused network of underground tunnels
  • Officers' Quarters
  • Moat/ditch
  • Variety of disused workshops
  • Disused armoury
  • Well and pump house
  • Disused rifle range
  • Barrack huts
  • Fortified casemate's
Other Info:
  • Highest point in Dover
  • No risk of theft (24/7 on-site security)
  • Impressive 360 views over English Channel and Dover area
  • Grade 2 listed accommodation building and gate house
  • Good access to road, rail and ferry networks
  • Located 1 mile from the town centre and Dover Priory station
  • 33 acres / 13 hectares
Our Location
The Citadel
Citadel Road
CT17 9DR